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QHow much does StanTeam cost?

StanTeam is completely free now. There is no cost to use all features. 

QWho can use StanTeam?

Anyone who does works on projects can use StanTeam. 

QWhat can I do after signing up?

You can create projects after signing up. You are the project manager (PM) in every project you created. 

QWhat can a PM do?

A PM at StanTeam has the administrative privileges in a project. PM can access all functions including configurations. 

QIf I am not the project creator, can I still be a PM in that project?

Yes, an existing PM in a project can grant the PM role to any project members.

QIf I am one project's member, can I be another project's member as well?If I am one project's member

Yes, as long as a project's PM add you to the project, you can be the project's member.